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My Experience Reading A Song of Ice and Fire

Take any given character. We go with Arya as an example:

Book 1: “Wow, Arya is cool. I can’t wait to see her turn into a bad ass woman warrior…. aww shit, her dad is dead. That sucks.”

Book 2: “Ok, well at least Arya is on her way to the Wall. She can see her brother, Jon! … oh, never mind.”

Book 3: “Well hey, she’s in the Riverlands! That’s where Robb and Catelyn are! She’ll meet up with them and it will be great! …oh god…”

Book 3.5: “Ookaaay. Well. At least Arya is with the Hound. She’ll see that he’s actually a good guy and they’ll become friends. He’ll help her take revenge on all the people who wronged her family. …or she’ll just leave him to die under a tree. Fuck.

Book 4: “Well, now she’s finally liberated herself from everyone who has had power over her throughout the books. I’m sure we’ll see her find her way home now… or she’ll just leave the goddamn continent and hand her autonomy over to some total stranger.”

Book 5: “Maybe this isn’t so bad. Arya’s learning how to be an assassin. That’s pretty nea-CLIFFHANGER!

Once, just once, I want one of these huge cathartic moments that are set up to actually occur.

Bonus: You can try substituting in almost any character, allowing for differences in what book they are introduced and, of course, when they inevitably die. It’s fun. It’s like a game. A really frustrating game.
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Covering My Butt

Occasionally, in my fanfiction, I like to include homages to other media that I have a fannish love for. Mostly this manifests as turn-of-phrase being borrowed from other works and incorporated into my fics. I like to do this for three main reasons: 1.) It makes me smile when I go back and reread my work and see my "inside jokes", 2.) If anyone reading my fic happens to like the same things that I do, they may also appreciate these little nods, 3.) There are a lot of quotation fragments rolling around in my brain and, like a song that is stuck in your head, I find it cathartic to release them. I do this in conversation a lot too, but luckily you don't generally have to disclaim what you say in casual conversation.

Now, I know that a similar practice has gotten some other fanfiction authors into heaps of trouble. Not to put myself on the same level as any BNFs, but I want anyone reading my fic to know that I am aware of the history here. That being said, I wouldn't want anyone to think that my use of quotation fragments is on par with blatantly stealing entire concepts, conversations, and paragraphs of prose.

In the list below, I've cataloged every instance in which I've knowingly incorporated a quotation fragment from an uncredited source into my fanfiction. I don't credit them in each individual disclaimer, because I want people who read the works to be able to find them on their own. I'm listing them individually here, however, and I will link back to this post in my general disclaimer whenever possible.

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Get to Know Me!

I stole this meme from [personal profile] argylepiratewd. I wanted to summarize my fan interests for anyone who may have forgotten who I am, or who is just stumbling across this journal.

Name: florianschild, but I am dannybailey on LJ so I go by Danny.
Age: 25
Location: USA (If I lived in Panem, I would be in District 12)
You, elsewhere: Livejournal: dannybailey
Run anything? (comms, websites, etc.) Anything that I would have claimed here is long defunct...

Fandoms: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Queen's Thief, Westmark, Song of Ice and Fire

Fave Characters:

Harry Potter: Sirius Black, Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, Regulus Black, oh hell, I like every secondary character in that series. Main characters too, actually.

The Hunger Games: Peeta, Katniss, Finnick, Gale, Cinna, Johanna, Haymitch

Queen's Thief: Eugenides, Costis, Kamet, Relius (I am inordinately fond of all the characters in the series, these are just the ones I like to write/read about.)

Westmark: Theo, Florian (see new username), Stock

ASOIAF: Jon, Arya, Brienne, Dacey Mormont, Jorah Mormont


Harry Potter: Sirius/Remus, Albus/Gellert, Snarry, Harry/Draco

Hunger Games: Katniss/Peeta, Finnick/Cinna, Finnick/Annie, Katniss/Gale

Queen's Thief: Eugenides/Attolia, Nahusuresh/Kamet, Eddis/Magus

Westmark: Eh, none really.

ASOIAF: Arya/Gendry, Tyrion/Sansa, Sandor/Sansa, Brienne/Jamie

Other media things you like: Gilmore Girls, Xena: Warrior Princess, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Game of Thrones (the HBO series), Dexter

Hobbies: Working too much, reading, cooking, quilting, watching YouTube videos... I lead a thrilling life, don't be jealous.
Interests: YA fiction, travel, Art History, minimalism, politics, cats
Things you like: coasters, cigar boxes, herbs, coffee mugs, hair clips, stationary
Fave Famous People: Bertrand Russell, The 14th Dalai Lama, Russell Brand, Louis C.K., Jimmy Carter
Six words to describe yourself: curious, introverted, dreamy, earnest, eccentric, bemused, verbose
What do you post in your journal? fic, fic recs, links of interest, musings on current events, occasional real life anecdotes
Why are you on Dreamwidth? LJ was getting a bit spammy, so I'm hoping for a more stable, ad-free centralized location for fan activities
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FIC: Making Plans for the Future (Hunger Games)

Title: Making Plans for the Future
Fandom: The Hunger Games
Author: dannybailey
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG-13

Summary: Haymitch is ambushed by Peeta, who has a unique outlook on what it means to win the Hunger Games.

Author's Note: The next installment in my ongoing study of interactions between Haymitch and Peeta. I switched the POV around this time so we get to see Haymitch's perspective, which was a lot of fun. Sorry the wait was so long for this. I appreciate everyone who took the time to read, and especially those who also reviewed. Your positive words kept me focused on finishing this. Thanks again! Read Part 1 of this project HERE.

Disclaimer: All original concepts and characters are mine. All of the familiar concepts and characters are property of the author, Suzanne Collins. I'm not making any money off of this work. It's all in good fun.

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FIC: Breaking Bread (Hunger Games)

I wrote fic! It's been so long! And it's not Harry Potter. *gasp* I've been reading so much wonderful Hunger Games fanfic lately, and I guess I just got inspired.

Title: Breaking Bread
Fandom: The Hunger Games
Author: dannybailey
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG-13 for a brief description of gore
Warning: Only one: unbeta'ed :P
Summary: Even on Reaping Day life must go on. Peeta watches the storefront on the morning of the reaping for the 74th Hunger Games. He has a few visitors.
Author's Note: My goal is to show a series of interactions between Peeta and Haymitch. This is the first one. Hopefully there will be more. They have such an interesting dynamic, and we never get to see them without Katniss around, which I'm sure alters their behavior. Especially Peeta. :) Anyway, thanks for reading!
Disclaimer: All original concepts and characters are mine. All of the familiar concepts and characters are property of the author, Suzanne Collins. I'm not making any money off of this work. It's all in good fun.

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(no subject)

I was reading the reviews that others have written about Half-Blood Prince, and I found myself enjoying some of the great one-liners that summed up my own thoughts on the movie. I'll add my own commentary after the quotes, but honestly, these people really nailed down my issues with the movie and the things I liked. I guess that's why they're professional writers. ;)

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Crunchings and Munchings

By far the most frequent thing that I get asked about is the food in Rome. So here is an entry all about food!

Food is interesting to me, especially the way it is dealt with in other cultures. I’ve learned a lot about food since I got here. There is one key thing that I’ve realised about the food here. Everyone raves about food in Italy, and that is with good reason. However, in order to really experience Italian food here you need one of two things: either (a) money or (b) the ability to transform raw materials into delicious meals. As far as I can tell, in order to achieve (b) you basically have to be a tiny Italian grandmother. Sadly, I don’t have tons of money, and I am not an Italian grandmother. This closes off a lot of delicious avenues.

On the plus side, I have had some really amazing food that is affordable and still delicious. Pizza here is very cheap and very awesome. I’ve had pizza with all different types of toppings. I’ve had eggplant parmasean pizza, as well as sun-dried tomato pizza, sweet pepper pizza, and “marinara” pizza, which is just the dough covered with tomato sauce, olive oil, and oregano.

The way you eat pizza here in interesting as well. Pizza is basically the fast food of Italy. If you want a quick lunch, you go into a pizza shop and look at what they’ve got. They keep huge sheets of square pizza behind a glass counter. You point at whatever looks the tastiest and say “questo, per favore” (this one, please). The person behind the counter will hold their knife and spatula across a random span of the pizza (Maybe they decide this based on how hungry you look? I’m not sure) and ask if that’s how much you’d like. You just say yes regardless, because you don’t know how to say “more” or “less”. The counter person will cut your slice and weigh it. Unless you specifically ask, or they are feeling generous and ask you, they’ll wrap it up for you just like that: cold. For those savvy in the ways of pizza culture, you can say to the counter person “riscaldo, per favore,” which will let them know that you’d like it reheated. Once it’s done, you pay. They cut your square slice of pizza in half, and then they fold it over like a sandwich. The pizza sandwich is then wrapped in wax paper. You’re meant to stand at the counter in the store and eat it, but as an American with a schedule to keep I always just munch on it on my way out the door and down the street. They is, without a doubt, the best way to eat pizza. I don’t think there’s any way to go back to Burger King after that.

Some other interesting things that I’ve noticed about food in Italy:

- It’s relatively easy to buy an whole octopus at the local grocery store, but exotic things like Peanut Butter and Soy Sauce can only be found at special foreign food stores called Castroni.

- Italians have managed to embrace some American foods. Oddly, they have Kit Kats but no Snickers, they have Philadelphia Cream Cheese but there isn’t a bagel on the entire peninsula, and (although I never knew it before) turkey is an entirely subjective description for lunchmeat.

- Arancine: Another delicious Italian fast food. Arancine are Sicilian rice balls that have varieties of inside fillings. They’re crispy, salty, cheesy, and sometimes meaty or vegetable-y. Basically, they’re completely fantastic.

Plus, I did get a really delicious week of Italian cooking when my parents came to visit me. With a perfect excuse to dine out every night, we got to try some really fantastic pastas and pizzas. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Ok, that’s it. I’ve made myself way too hungry. Time to go get something to eat!

Catching Up

One of the things I most love about cities are marketplaces. Marketplaces exist in the country too, but they always seem livlier and more exciting in the city. A few blocks from where I’m living in Rome, there was an open-air street market where vendors had stalls of everything you could imagine...

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Typical Tuesday Morning

Today was amazing. Even more amazingly, it’s only 12:30 in the afternoon.

My first class met at Piazza del Popolo, one of the main squares in Rome. We walked all over and saw 6 Caravaggio paintings that are still hanging in churches. It’s amazing for me, because I’ve studied these paintings in art history classes every year since I was 16. Seeing them in real life, in the chapels that they were painted for is unreal.

After my class, I walked around on my own for a little while. Yesterday my Photo teacher took us to a coffee shop that he says is one of the best in Rome. I decided to go there again today (it seriously is amazing, by the way) and I impressed myself by ordering completely in Italian. I think it says something about Italian culture that the very first thing that they’ve taught us in Italian is food vocabulary and how to order in cafes. Either way, speaking in Italian definitely offers a much more pleasant experience.

After my pick-me-up I started wandering and I ended up doing my Italian homework on the steps of the fountain in front of the Pantheon. It was insanely awesome. Being among such amazing monuments certainly makes even monotonous homework more exciting. While I was in the square I was watching two waiters stand outside of a trattoria with nothing to do (it was only 11:00am). They looked bored so I asked them if they would check over my Italian homework to see if it was correct. (I had to resort to English to ask them that.) One of the waiters looked it over for me, and then he gave me his email in case I ever had more questions. So friendly! I’m starting to realise that the best way to interact here and to have good experiences is to be outgoing and to really put yourself forward. I’m going to be practicing that in the next few months.

A quick note to everyone who’s reading: I want to send postcards to everyone soon! If you want a postcard you can comment here with your address, or email it to me at <>. I’d love to send everyone who is reading this a postcard, so please do comment and let me know where to send it to!

Updates to follow…I’ll be talking all about Italian food!