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My Piece of the Internet

scooch up and join me

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External Services:
  • dannybailey@livejournal.com
  • ownerofthebar
I am:

  • twenty-four years old as of 9.23.2011
  • a recovering college graduate
  • female
  • in a state of crisis
  • reaching
  • discovering
  • a minimalist in training
  • a jack-of-all-trades who wishes she was a renaissance man


  • enjoy warm weather
  • read a lot of slash
  • occasionally participate in fandoms
  • write sporadically
  • have an innate inability to lie

If I had a religion, it would be the internet.

"The man in the wilderness asked of me
how many strawberries grew in the sea.
I answered him as I thought good:
'As many red herring grew in the wood.'"
~Mother Goose

Marriage is love.

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